MoaM-Engine is the heart of our new Amiga Adventure


- Screen size/depth: 1280 x 1024 x 32bit
- Audio through AHI 16bit 48Khz
- Music from CDtraxx
- Speechsupport
- classical Point & Click Menusystem


- StormC/C++ 68k source porting to 68k gcc FINISHED!
- Editors ported to OS4 gcc FINISHED!
- Reprogramming internal structure for screens from 640x480x8bit to 1280x1024x32bit started!
- Rewriting gadtools interface to reaction started!

Men on a Mission - New freaky AmigaOS Graphic Adventure


- Epical Story started!
- Episode distribution
- Amazing Intro/ Cutscenes started!
- Amazing Charakteranimations and "living screens" started!


The game takes place on mother earth.

The story is about three friends who are very fond of superhero comics.
They love to visit Greg's Comic Shop, just as at this day as a spherical flash hits the Earth
I mean the Comic Shop...
The world should change fundamental on the three guys.
They get super powers while the
story goes on.
This flashball was an ominous doll, a Trojan horse sent by an alien race.
It was originally intended for the attack on another planet.
Due to a crash with a Jumpgate this bullet came from the course
and contributed to
mother earth.

to cut things short:
It's a crazy story about three friends with super powers (and super look: O))
One berserk doll, therrorising earth, aliens coming to earth
and a special group of Aea 51, which are also interested in this topic.
How it all hangs together and how all things will be resolved, I can not tell yet ...:O)

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